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Why design a new guitar ?

It is true that thousands of wooden guitars are manufactured in the world, I did not intend to create another guitar on the market today. My research as a designer led me from a synthetic acrylic material, inorganic fillers, designed for its acoustic qualities, to create a freed guitar issues of wood commonly used in lutherie, body and neck mingled, and bring together the best elements of high-tech time.



What kind of guitar did you choose ?


I opted - fast enough elsewhere - for the famous realization of Leo Fender, "the telecaster ®" and wondered how the Design view, from the organic perspective, material and sound, such an instrument could have evolved over time. I wanted to 3 meters we say "it's a telecaster." Then at the grip we are totally surprised, completely taken aback ! A "French Touch" gathering "made in California"!



Why is it surprising ?


The neck is a real pure carbon rail. It has a truss rod, and the buttons are also integrated in carbon, the profile is a 16 "radius, 22 jumbo frets. Corian body is semi-hollow, receiving two carbon tubes responsible for the loads of the handle screw. Mechanics are also very originals. Ropes can be changed very easily and quickly without the sacrosanct crank to make endless towers! But a guitar is a look, plus a real sound ! There, we touch the exception. A clear sound or a saturated sound the feeling is huge !! The pickups wound by hand in Seattle have the characteristics of the sounds of 1952 on this type of guitar, enriched of the clarity about the new material used. Soundbox deals effectively for the sustains and this is really an absolute pleasure for lovers of guitar ! The access to acute is unique and extremely efficient.

When you touch the material of the half-hollow body, the feeling is absolutely unknown until now. It is, according to people, very sensual. Immediately after taking the guitar in hand, we discover the extraordinary ergonomics of this instrument. The realization in digital order is a major asset in the regular production model Zitto ® 44th. All elements can be customized, of course, easily implemented on request.



Why 44TH ?


It took shape after two years of research, the day of the election of the 44th President of the United States ! The number 44 is the design about the gills of the box.



44TH Zitto model is a new trademark ?


Yes, ready to get spot, it will be soon distributed, either in stores or online. The colors currently available are : ice white, gray, blue mint , white, vanilla and butter. A very attractive price is offered for its start.

Contact us and touch the sublime ! A European tour is planned for the presentation in partnership with the demonstration of the new BOSE L1
system ! As well as many professional musicians.


                   TEAM ZITTO...


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